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  Despite some behaviors Egypt
 Request the establishment of a branch of Al-Azhar University in Iran
The Action was surprising , however , that after the release of the film in Iran "The death of Pharaoh " assassination " Sadat " Egyptian President disturbances Many had emerged in Egypt .

 Promote the Parthians X sports coverage ?
Should Sight of the fact that the field before by some Be considered as an exercise in Akspartyha and parks for complex dance girl The boys have also been used and is still the issue This form is reminiscent of counterculture movements.
  In Israel 's decision
 Baha'i sect setup command " Bytaldlazm "
Websites fans Baha'i sect rule dictated by the Universal House of Justice (International Management Institute cult) based in Israel and veteran missionaries and leaders of the Iranian Baha'i centers have been established.

  The Zionist ploy to attract immoral spy
News in writing a detailed report citing a former senior Israeli intelligence services and collected relevant documents, documented information on how to recruit Israeli intelligence services offered.

  A Turkish newspaper interview with Robert Bly ;
  American poet September 11 has nothing to do with the great Islamic culture
"Robert Bly," the translator of Rumi in English and one of the famous poets of America, said the man with a deep sense of faith and culture of September 11 did not damage suffered did not think.

 September start of Ramadan in Egypt and some Islamic countries.
National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Egypt announced that the equipment is astronomical predictions September (11 September) at the beginning of Ramadan and Islamic countries.

 The " mobile chapel " aroused controversy in Saudi Arabia
Beginning with the "mobile chapel" and "convoys claim" in Saudi Arabia, which aims to facilitate youth worship and to pray in places which are far away from the mosque, was active, there's a lot of controversy.

  Egyptian antiquities experts :
 UNESCO " Jerusalem " from the List of World Heritage in Danger removed
Egyptian antiquities experts also warned the Israeli occupation regime's attempts to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque, said: Unfortunately UNESCO "Jerusalem" from the List of World Heritage in danger of losing out to the occupier for the marauding left.
  After months of media attacks against the Muslim West
 The first television series to defend the Prophet ( pbuh) made
After months of media attacks the West against Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) Vtvhynhay successive Islamic sanctities of the film "Fitna" and the construction of "the second part of the film", a film scenario for the Defence of the Realm Arab Islamic The Holy Prophet (pbuh) spent their final stage.
  Fear of disclosure
  Salman Rushdie: bodyguard to publish his memoirs, sue me!
Ron Evans is part of his controversial book, even sometimes when we had to leave him alone, so anxious and worried that forced him a few times we had to make the closet hidden, is a door lock key as a souvenir.
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